Robert Metz With a background in business administration and accounting, Robert Metz became a founding member of the Freedom Party of Ontario in 1984, and has been its president since then In that capacity, he has found himself in many roles: as writer, editor, and publisher of Fp’s numberous publications and newsletters, as a candidate and interim party leader in past elections, and as public spokesman for the party on issues of policy and platform. He has also served as an executive member of many ad hoc taxpayer and lobby groups, including the London-Middlesex Taxpayers’ Coalition and HALT (Hold All London Taxes), and as chair of the No Tax for the 1991 Pan-Am Games Committee, whose success saved taxpayers over $110 million.

In 1993, he volunteered to act as legal counsel (and won the case) for Elijah Elieff, a London landlord accused of discrimination before an Ontario Human Rights Commission, in one of the most controversial cases ever brought before the Commission. The case continues to have repercussions to this very day.

An outspoken advocate of individual freedom and responsibility in all aspects of political and social life, Bob has addressed many government commissions and public hearings and written many editorials and news columns published in various newspapers. He can also be seen and heard on various TV talk shows and on open-line radio engaged in lively debate over freedom related issues.